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Fresh Seafood

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Cod Haddock Arctic Charr Steelhead trout Salmon Yellow perch Tilapia Pickerel Whitefish Snapper Seabass Sea bream Lake trout Mussels Oysters Ocean perch Halibut Sockeye salmon Salt cod Pickled herring Cajun catfish Salted herring Smelts

Frozen Seafood

Shrimp Scallops Crab Scampi Red snapper Tuna Sole Mussels Orange roughy Turbot Crab cakes Sablefish Fish cakes Basa Frog legs King Crab Crab au gratin Sole elites Halibut steaks Calamari Octopus Clams Seafood mix Ocean perch Catfish Mahi-Mahi Swordfish Marlin Monkfish Mackerel Sockeye salmon Blue cod Lobster tails Queen crab legs Pollock

Smoked fish

Our famous Applegirth cold smoked salmon hot smoked salmon hot smoked trout hot smoked whitefish hot smoked mackerel kippers finan haddie Smoked cod Smoked salmon pate

All varieties dependant on availability. This is a small sampling of the products we have, If you don't see something you like,just give us a call.