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Who we are

Our staff combined have over 90 years experience in the seafood industry. Does this make us the official know it all of the seafood industry? Nope! We are always willing to learn something new about seafood, and more than happy to relay that knowledge to you. So if you have any questions about seafood, feel free to ask, we will do our best to answer any questions to the best of our ability. When we speak of ourselves as a full service seafood store we really mean it. For instance if you want the fish you have chosen filleted, we can do that. Need a certain size portion of anything we sell, we are glad to make that happen. Want your purchase vacuum sealed for freezing, we will do that right away. Need a recipe for a fish you have not tried yet, no problem our staff regularly dispenses handling and cooking advice for all the products we sell. We can even send you home with one of our over 200 tested recipes to help make your meal a success. This is all part of our full service mantra. For we really believe that even the best quality seafood needs to be handled and cooked properly to reach its peak of flavour. We feel very privileged to be doing this for over 50 years now and look forward to the future doing what we do best.