T&J Seafoods

Selling fine quality Seafood since 1967

Our story

Third generation family run business

T&J was started in 1967 by two displaced maritimer's Stan Jardine and Ray Thibodeau. Longing for the fish and seafood they ate when living in the maritimes, they started importing it from the East coast and selling it at the Kitchener farmers market. The early choices they offered were salted herring and salted salmon. While they might seem odd choices today, it was perfect for their customers, many of whom were european immigrants. The business thrived and so did the selection of seafood, calling on Stan and Ray to use their assets to help man the counters. By assets we mean children (they each had 8), yes 8 each, many of them taking turn working the store over the years to help feed the areas growing taste for seafood imported from all over the world. Stan and Ray have since passed, but you can still find their children, and grandchildren manning the counters selling seafood guided by their motto "Do not sell anything that you would not put on your own family table"